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It is super critical to have a transition month before winter … a transition month is about Super Hydration.

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Hydration Protocol, including Newly Formulated AgeLESS CoQ10 Serum

Using our Hydration Protocol will dramatically affect how your skin performs during the challenging winter months ahead!

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CoQ10 supports the production of collagen and elastin.  And why is that important?

  • Collagen is the key in helping make your skin appear firmer.
  • Elastin gives your skin flexibility.
  • When you lose either of these, your skin begins to wrinkle and sag.

Try our newly formulated AgeLESS CoQ10 Serum!  1 oz., reg. $56.  Just a few drops and your skin will thank you …

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On Sale This Month:  20% off!

  • Set of 2 AgeLESS CoQ10 Serum, 1 oz:  $90 (reg. $112)

  • Hyaluronic Acid BOOSTER, 1 oz:  $52 (reg. $65)

  • SILK Facial Moisturizer, 1 oz:  $44.80 (reg. $56)

Customers are loving these new products, so we have extended the 20% discount for SILK and BOOSTER through October — a chance to stock up, or try them for the first time!

We suggest trying the Hydration Protocol listed above for optimizing your skin health in preparation for winter.  And remember, order 5 or more items and receive a 10% discount.  Use code SAVE10 upon checkout.

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