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FACELIFT without surgery:  Turn back the clock!

You liked FIRM, you’ll love FACELIFT.  Newly formulated for even better results!

  • Light, silky, with earthy sandalwood and a hint of rose
  • Tighten skin within 30 days for visible results — 100% of our focus group saw visible results!
  • Transform loose crepey skin into healthy toned skin
  • Restore elasticity and suppleness
  • “Botox” like effect by smoothing wrinkles and fine lines

Introductory Special:  Set of 2 FACELIFT Firming Serum, $112

(20% off, reg. $70 each)

For optimum results, we also recommend Firming HydraMist and DMAE Facial Moisturizer.  10% off this month!

Check it out!





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