Super Boosting

What is Super Boosting?

A unique benefit that we offer in our products … We know of no other skin care company that has made a commitment to do this on a regular basis.

Super boosting, or super charging, is a term we use to indicate that we have added  additional extracts or essential oils to a product in order to give your skin a change to “jump start” it  for a brighter, renewed appearance.  We believe that your skin responds most effectively to skin care products when you have the opportunity to experience an occasional change in your routine.  This  change can be subtle, such as a minor change in the formula of a product that you use daily.

When we enhance our products with additional ingredients periodically, your skin has a chance to benefit from a larger variety of ingredients and thus a wider realm of benefits — because different ingredients have different properties and can help the skin in a variety of ways.

So strongly do we believe in this practice that we have made a commitment to offer some type of variation to our skin care line at least six times per year.  This might mean “boosting” an existing product with additional active ingredients or it might mean offering a unique product for one month only.

Additional Distinctive Features of Jakaré Skin Care

  • Dollars vs. cents. Jakaré products contain a high concentration of active ingredients that target specific skin care needs for significant visible results. Each bottle or jar of product has many dollars’ worth of potent ingredients, unlike many companies that spend only a  few cents per product.
  • Product rotation for vibrant skin. We believe that your skin responds best to skin care products when you incorporate seasonal product changes into your daily routine. For this reason, we change the essential oil blend on our crème cleanser seasonally throughout the year and offer a variety of facial mists so that you can rotate them. We also offer a variety of serums and moisturizers that we encourage our customers to periodically interchange.
  • Montana-based company. The Montana climate and the outdoor lifestyle present many challenges for the skin. We have specifically addressed the concerns of environmental aging with products that are exceptionally moisturizing and hydrating as well as providing superior age defense.
  • Best of nature and science. Our products are a blend of concentrated organic ingredients and scientific actives, providing performance driven results that are exceptionally effective and natural.
  • Research and development. Jakaré’s dedication to continuous research guarantees cutting-edge formulas. Our products reflect advanced and sophisticated skin care innovations that are occurring in the market today.
  • Cooperatives and Fair Trade. We are proud to be sourcing many of our ingredients from family farms, fair trade organizations and women owned cooperatives. By seeking out these partners, we are supporting them as well as discovering old world beauty rituals and culturally inspired beauty secrets from around the world.
  • Ecological packaging. The functional packaging and marketing materials of our products encourage minimum use of resources, thus positively affecting the health and sustainability of our environment and the world around us. Fewer dollars spent on packaging means more dollars spent on ingredients — which equates to optimum results.

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