A New Chapter

After two years of extensive research, we are very excited to present new products, reformulations of existing products, and a brand new concept.

This new chapter revolves around three core principles:

Critical Rotation.  Your skin responds better when you use a variety of products on a periodic basis.  We are providing you with a highly potent array of mists, boosters, serums and moisturizers to continuously rotate throughout the year for optimum anti-aging benefits.  See The Jakare Protocol for how to incorporate this important principle.

Impact Layering.   Impact layering is custom combining mists, serums, boosters and moisturizers to produce the results that you want. Specific ingredients perform better in specific bases.  Some ingredients perform best in a water base, some in a serum base, and some in a moisturizer.  Our very carefully selected and powerful anti-aging ingredients can only be driven into your cells through the use of the correct delivery system.  This is automatically done for you when you follow The Jakare Protocol.

Super Boosting.  Super boosting, or super charging, is a term we use to indicate that we have added additional extracts or essential oils to the existing formula of a product.  This is a temporary change to the formula (usually for a one month period), and it gives your skin a “jump start” to a brighter, renewed appearance.

In this new chapter, we promise to give you the very best in age defense and age reversal.

Seriously.  Different.  Skin Care.








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