The Jakare Protocol


The Jakare Protocol

Product sequence AM and PM:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Serum + Booster
  3. Mist
  4. Moisturizer


Product Rotation

Product Rotation is critical for maximum anti-aging.  It is simple, yet results are profound.  There are two different ways to do this, and either one works equally well.

  • Use one set of products in the morning and a different set in the evening.


  • When you have finished a bottle of serum, booster or moisturizer, switch to a different serum, booster or moisturizer.


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Cleansers: Creme Cleanser (changes seasonally), Gel Cleanser

Serums: Brighten, AgeLess, Essential Nutrients

BOOSTERS:  Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C

Mists: Orange Blossom, Bulgarian Rose, Firming

Moisturizers: B3 Facial Moisturizer, SILK Facial Moisturizer, DMAE Facial Moisturizer, Enriching Facial Oil.   Eye area:  Triple Action Eye and Neck Serum.


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