About Us

Our Philosophy

Jakaré was founded in 1995 with the intention of encouraging women to create meaningful rituals of caring for and honoring themselves. Our products are created based on this philosophy — skin care to enhance external beauty as well as nourish the heart and soul.
We believe that beauty does not begin or end at a certain age. It is not defined by a number.
Beauty exists at all ages — it is timeless.
We support women in living passionately, celebrating life and creating new possibilities. Women who feel good about themselves are more likely to have an impact in their community and on a global scale. Through Jakaré, we are able to touch women’s lives and the communities they live in and work in around the world.

Our Core Values

As our company’s growth continues, we are committed to honoring our core values:

  • Protecting our earth’s natural resources and promoting the use of sustainable ingredients.
  • Supporting small family farms and cooperatives globally, with an emphasis on women-owned or women-managed endeavors.
  • Contributing to worthwhile causes that promote the enhancement of women’s lives around the world.
  • Absolutely no animal testing.

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